How to: Upload Files with JavaScript FileAPI - 2 of 3

Now we have a file-object, we need to split it in small chunks to upload this chunks one by one. JavaScript have the ability to work with files. It can’t access the filesystem directly, but the open- and save-dialogs will do every thing we need. To save data for more than one session you can use the indexeddb. But here we need only open,save and drag and drop.

function createChunksOfFile(file,chunkSize){
var chunks=new Array();

var filesize=file.size;

var counter=0;
var chunk=file.slice(counter,(counter+chunkSize));


return chunks;

The method is very simple. The loop runs as long as the copied size is smaller as the size of the file. With slice(from,to) you have to set the start- and the endpoint, that is read (in bytes). If the endpoint behind the real end of the file no execption is thrown and only the existing part will be copied. That makes it very easy to us. With every run of the loop we add 250000 to the copied-size till our copied-size is greater than the file-size. In ervery run of the loop we copy/slice the bytes from copied-size to copied-size + 250000 and add this slice-chunk to the output array.

Finally we get an array with alle the sliced chunks of the file in correct order.

Yes.. you can calculate the needed count of chunks and than use a for-loop and calculate the start and end for every part. Works great too… but i did it the other way.

var chunks=createChunksOfFile(file,250000);

So we have all chunks each ~250KB. 1MB should have ~4 Parts. Yes.. it’s 1024Bytes per 1KB.. but we keep it simple :-)
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